How we used the Research Tool in Google Docs for 6th grade math! #bmswired

One of our 6th grade WOW teachers at #bmswired, Mrs. Laskowski (@MrsBMS_Math), asked if I could come do a Google docs sharing demo for her students.  Ummm...YES!  I love it when the teachers ask me to teach!!!!  :)  She told me they were discussing adding and subtracting fractions.  I like to keep demos on pace with the lesson plans already in place, so I started thinking up some ways we could incorporate docs and math and fractions and sharing.

Oh...and also show a COOL NEW TRICK that my colleague Kim Strauss (@edtech2love) showed me just yesterday.  If you haven't seen this - SIT DOWN!  It's so cool!  Did you know that you can do research right within a Google Doc using the Research Tool!?!?  (Is your mind blown?!)  SO easy.  SO cool.  SO effective.  Here's what we did...

Mrs. Laskwoski is lucky enough to have a cart of Chromebooks in her classroom because she attended WOW Academy last summer.  So the kids logged into their Chromebook and went to my instructions page.  We talked whole group a little about the overview of the lesson - create a doc, find fraction images using the Research Tool, write and solve a word problem and then share your doc to the teacher.  I even gave them some samples and a way to check their work!  :)

I was just absolutely BLOWN AWAY by what they came up with and the questions that were generated during the lesson (formatting text, sharing to multiple people, where does it go?!, resizing images...).  It was just amazing to see the kids work.  Here are some samples...

One of the coolest things about using the Research Tool to find images is that the image is cited right within the document.  TOO EASY!  What a great way to reinforce and model citations and copyright laws.  
I think this lesson is one that can cover any grade level, and subject area and it's definitely teaching many good tech skills and keeping the level of engagement high!  I would love to hear how you have used this tool or are planning to use this tool in your class!