Google Apps Start Page or Not?? #BISDgoogle

The fabulous Amy Mayer, author of FriedTechnology, is a true Google Guru and who I usually turn to for many of my Google questions.  One of her recommendations is to create a Google start page for your district.  What is a Google start page?  It is a portal to all of your district Google Apps for Education.  Click here to see an example from Conroe ISD.

Now, while I think this is cool and pretty and neat, my question is this: Do we really need it?!  Are any of you using a Google start page for your district?  Would you do it again?  Do you really think it's necessary?  I would love to hear your thoughts to help me decide if I think we should do this for our GAFE implementation.

If you would like to get more information on how to create your own Google start page, look here!


  1. Aww, thanks friend! How weird I saw this today when I was just encouraging Fort Bend ISD to make one! Conroe's actually includes some misinformation now. Aviary is now a Google Drive App, but it is NOT going away. Yea! Check out Huntsville ISD's start page: And of course, my answer to your question is, Yes, YEs, YES you need one. People don't know what they're getting unless they can see it, and the start page gives you that opportunity. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Looking to revamp our district site. This would definitely be one part of that but would also highlight the apps we want teachers to know more about and use! Neat feature I didn't know about! Thanks for sharing!


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