This one's for Deb #bmswired

Raise your hand if you're tired.  Raise your hand if you're already counting the days until Christmas break.    My friend Deb is tired, but for a totally different reason.  My friend Deb is fighting breast cancer.  She has started a blog that I wanted to share with you because her candidness and humor remind me to cherish each day and to stop whining!  (There.  I said it.)  I am going to be brutally honest for a minute.  (Shocking, I know.)  I know a few "whiner complainers."  Deb is not one of them and she has every reason to be.  Deb was back in our middle school library serving our students less than a week after her lumpectomy.  Remember each day to look at all of the joyful things in your life and be thankful for your students, your peers, your administration, YOUR JOB and your health!  As Deb says, it's only a bump in the road...and her boob.  :)  Hope you can take something away from