Take the Fred Test - Are you a Fred? #fredfriday

To wrap up my mini-series on the wonderful book by Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor, I want to ask you a very important question.  Are you a Fred?  You may already be a Fred and don't even know it!  Maybe you are on your way to becoming a Fred.  Perhaps you're not even close, but you want to get there.  No matter where you are on the Fred spectrum, I encourage you to buy (or download!) the book and strive to be a better you.

Here you can take an assessment test to see how Fred-like you really are.  I was surprised that I only scored an 80.  (I thought I was pretty Fred-ish!)  I'm a "Fred-in-the-rough."  I am moving in the right direction, but goodness knows I need some fine tuning.  After you complete the test, go here to see how you can improve your Fred skills.  Mark has four principles that can get you on your way.

I hope each of you take the time to read this book and that you try to apply the Fred Factor to your own life.  Enjoy your year.  Be a better you.  And please let me know how this book has affected you!!


  1. EEEK 92. I'm a Fred, friend. You are more like a 100, fyi.


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