Green Screen ... with my iPad?! NO WAY! #bmswired

My resident iPad guru, Tracey Curlee, (@TLCdragonfly) recently found an app that would do green screen effects.  I swear she can find an app for ANYTHING!  Check out VideoFX Live - free to download the app, but $0.99 to use the green (or any color!) screen technology.

When she showed me her sample and shared her student activity, I was floored!  I love it and the kids will, too!  Our theme this year at BMS is Oh the Places You'll Go.  She is going to have each of her students choose a place they want to visit as their background.  The student will have to record three interesting facts about themselves and have three props in the suitcase to use.  Easy.  Fun.  Creative.  ANYONE can do this activity!!!  Check out Tracey Curlee using VideoFX Live on the iPad 2!

If you do this activity with your students, I'd love for you to share your product with us!!


  1. wow, very cool app! I had no idea that the ipad could do green screen effects. Nice find!


  2. Mình mong muốn thay màn hình ipad 3 bao nhiêu bạn có thể cho biết chi phí đến mình có được không


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