How to Turn a Book Room Into Your New Office!

I did some campus shifting this year which meant I left my posh office at my former elementary campus in search of a new place to call home.  Space is tight at every campus because just about every square inch of the buildings is being used for instruction, so I am just happy to even have a space at all!  However, I'll be honest - when I walked into my new "book room office" I felt less than inspired.  Perhaps you can see why...
Now, don't feel too sorry for me because I don't spend that much time in my "office" anyway.  I try to be in classrooms or with teachers most of the day.  But sometimes there is a need to attend a webinar, record a training video, or just get caught up in a quiet space!  I quickly texted my creative friend Amy (@friedtechnology) and asked for advice to snazz up my space.  A few days and a couple of hundred dollars later...I have a space that makes me feel creative, inspired, and ready to face the challenges of my job!!  And if anyone needs a copy of Texas Treasures or one of our switches needs work...hey...I'm right here!  ;)


  1. I just got some GREAT ideas, THANKS

    1. Yay! I'm so glad!! Would love to see pics of what you do. :)

  2. I'm glad that your new office inspires you, makes you creative, and ready to face challenges, because that's how an office should be! I like the style and color of your new office, Ms. Johnson. First of all, green represents nature and life. Secondly, it's my favorite color! :P

    Blake Mitchell


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