A True Superhero in Every Day Clothes

I work with a super hero.  Her name is Shannon Zwahr.  Shannon is a teacher who isn't afraid to try new things (although she'll tell you she is).  She's a humble leader and true inspirer (although she'll tell you she's not).  Shannon loves kids, loves her job and never stops learning and striving to be the best teacher she can be.  Oh, and she was Teacher of the Year for Brenham Middle School last year!!

So, naturally, when Shannon approached me to help her produce a video to win a STEMIE award - the answer was easy.  YES!  And the task was easy, too, because Shannon's creativity and desire to change the face of education is absolutely infectious.  She produced a great video that ended her up in the TOP 30 CONTESTANTS!!  Woo!

Yesterday was the first day back to school for BISD teachers.  Shannon's principal asked her to say a few inspiring words and let the teachers know how to vote for her STEMIE project.  Being the shy, modest person that she is - this was terrifying!  So...we made another movie!  There were laughs, there were cheers and there were even tears by the time the short film ended.  But most of all, there were teachers who believed in their Teacher of the Year and also themselves!

I ask you to please take a few minutes to watch Shannon's video and if you feel compelled to vote for her or share this video with others, we would be most appreciative.  I can promise you that your vote will not be wasted on Shannon.  She really is a true superhero dressed in every day clothes just walking around with us regular folks!