Guest Blogger: @LeydenTechies

When Jason Markey (@jmarkeyAP) suggested that I use one of Bryan Weinert's recent posts for my guest blogger series, I couldn't think of a single reason not to!  Bryan (@LeydenTechies) is the Director of Technology for Leyden CHSD 212 in Illinois.  His awesome blog, Leyden Techies, is full of tips, ideas, awesome videos and just plain good practices.  His most recent post discusses the importance of letting students choose their own product for class projects/assignments.  Bryan says if teachers will just focus on the learning objective and get out of the way, students will become more invested in their own learning.  I encourage you to read the rest of his post, Student Choice Leads to Creativity, and also watch the video of the Ignite session Bryan attended at ISTE2012.  And don't forget to follow Jason and Bryan on Twitter for great tech tips, tools, and tricks!

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