Work Smarter, Not Harder: Building Your #PLN

Yesterday I had the privilege of delivering professional development to an AWESOME group of BISD teachers.  The topic: the power of your PLN.  Well...I know, from recent experience, what a PLN can do for us, as educators!  Yesterday we discussed how the tools in our PLN Tool Kit can bring valuable information right to us, instead of us going out and digging for all the answers and resources.  (Because teachers have soooo much time for surfing and researching!)

It was an amazing day filled with collaboration, creativity, excitement, and more than a few "aha moments."  You know it's a good session when it's 12:00 and no one has even asked about lunch.  :)  Thanks to my recent attendance at WOW Academy at Region VI (brain child of the fab Amy Mayer!), the session was light on direct instruction and heavy on team work and communication.  The groups presented wonderful information about PLN tools using a variety of Web 2.0 presentation methods and I was thrilled with the products and the feedback.

Feel free to use the Prezi I created for yesterday's session or check out the shared Google Doc we created to gather resources.  Here are links, too, to the presentations that were shared online by the groups:

  • Twitter (using LinoIt to deliver content and get feedback!)
  • Blogging (they created a blog & Voki to deliver content AND used TodaysMeet for participation!)
  • Pinterest (this group created a Pinterest board to share Pinterest ideas!)
  • Social Bookmarking (check out their AWESOME Animoto!)
  • Nings (these gals are Glogster pros!)

Well done, BISD teachers!  You make me proud and make it a pleasure to come to work every day!!!


  1. Jessica, I have to write and apologize. While your PLN was rallying for you, I was organizing and rallying mine for Lisa Johnson. Living in Austin, I wanted both Texans to win, but we just couldn't get past the girl from Rhode Island. I am not even sure she has a Twitter account!! Anyway, it was completely nothing personal and I will be happy to rally for you any time!!

    1. You are so kind to write this, but it is totally unnecessary! It was a competition. :) And Lisa is deserving! I haven't given up hope - still hoping I might be their "merit winner!"


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