TedEd: Flipping a Video

Ooooooh!  If you didn't already think that TED was really cool...and you aren't addicted to TED Talks...you MUST go see the NEW TED-Ed!!!  Check - this - out...

Click here to see the "lesson" for this TED-Ed video.  The possibilities are ENDLESS with this awesome, FREE tool!  Browse by subject, "flip" ANY YouTube video, you can even recommend content!  What video are YOU going to flip?!


  1. I am very interested in flipping videos with TedEd... but am frustrated by the lack of instructions. For instance, when creating a lesson in the "Think" section, how do you get the multiple choice answers? Then how do you tell the program what the right answer is and insert the "video hint"? Perhaps "flipped" questions don't have the capability of doing this, which will make it of limited use.

  2. You cannot add multiple choice questions to the Think section - just open ended questions. In fact, you cannot do anything with the multiple choice except exclude them. Yes, that is a limitation. However, you could definitely create your own multiple choice quiz using Google forms and direct students there??

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