Motivational Monday! Do YOU believe?

Wellllll, this is another one that had me crying at the end!  Bookmark it, save it, pin it, tweet it - you'll want to watch it again in August!  I know we are all counting the days until summer break, but please remember what an important role you play in your students' lives - even in May!  Soon, they will leave for months and will not have you to hold their hand, pat them on the back, lead them down the right path...  Make sure you are making a BIG impact in a positive way even up until the very last day of school.  Make sure they know that YOU BELIEVE IN THEM!


  1. It has been one of those Mondays where everything was seeming to go wrong! But this post made it all better! Thank you for sharing that. It made me really think about what I am here for and why I love what I do! So thankful for blogger friends like you!

    1. WOW! I am so thankful for readers like you who keep ME going! Glad you found this as inspirational as I did. Hope your week is FABULOUS!


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