edshelf Directory of Teaching Tools

I came across this site last week on Twitter and it's pretty cool.  This is what edshelf says about itself...
Our mission is to make a positive impact in the world by making education more efficient and effective. We strive to enable educators to do what they do best, teach and inspire.
edshelf is a directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software that are rated & reviewed by educators, for educators. We decrease the friction of using and procuring effective technology into the classroom.
I think that's a pretty impressive mission statement!   edshelf lets you easily search/browse Web 2.0 tools by price, grade, subject, platform or category.  Click on a tool and you are redirected to a page that shows you an introductory video, gives you a brief overview of the tool, reviews, and pricing information.  ALL IN ONE PLACE!!  How valuable is this?!  I know you guys don't have time to research tools in all of your spare time :) so let edshelf do it for you!  You can even mark favorite tools and share them with colleagues.  Can you say collaboration!?!  And in a Pinterest-like move, edshelf also allows you to invite colleagues to follow you.  Pretty.  Cool.  Check out their site and also follow edshelf on Twitter to get up-to-date ideas!!