What's my IP address? Am I a PC or Mac?

I think I have come across a tool (thank you Amy Mayer!) that could change my professional life. (Was that dramatic enough?)  So many times I have had a teacher call with a problem and when I ask what operating system they are using or what version of software, there's just silence.  In fact, several teachers aren't even sure if they are using a PC or a Mac.  (It's ok if that's you - there's hope!)  This site will tell you what operating system you're using, your screen resolution (very helpful for SMART board users!), your web browser, IP address, and more!  So, the next time your IT person asks "What version of Flash are you using?" or "Do you have Javascript enabled" just follow the link above and wow her with your techno knowledge!


  1. You can check the ip address of yours using the site www.ip-details.com it helps to find find ip address's,domain name host's whois information including city, country, global latitude & longitude coordinates.


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