Twitter Book Reviews - 140 Characters or Less!

If you missed this gem shared by Stephen Anderson and Gwyneth Jones last week on Twitter, you're definitely going to want to check it out now!  Are your kids tired of the same old book report format?  Let them try a Twitter Book Review!  Not only does this method teach students to be concise, but it also uses a current, up-to-date style of writing that our kids are familiar and comfortable with.  Students can use this character counter to make sure their book review is under 140 characters.  Anderson's idea: have students submit their Book Review Tweet in a Google Form.  Genius!

I did this activity with my teachers (to try and encourage them to do it with their kids!) and it turned out awesome!  I used a Google form to collect the responses and then mail merged them into a Word doc to create the "tweet bubbles" for a bulletin board.  The staff and students have loved looking to see what the teachers at our school are reading!  And our collection is still growing!


  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great way to model reading habits:)

  3. great ideas! What did the Google form you sent to staff look like?

    1. It was very simple ... text field for name and paragraph field for 140 character book review. :)

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  5. Looks awesome. We are doing something similar at our school. Can you share the printout you used?


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