TCEA 2012 - Day 3

Day three of TCEA did not disappoint - it was just as fast and furious and intellectually overwhelming as day two.  :)  I did pick up some great info and even got to volunteer helping out at the general session.  Each year I say that I will go for the ENTIRE week the following year so I can really scramble my brain - maybe next year...  Until then,  here's how I wrapped my my week...

50 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

  • Why use QR Code?
    • Save paper.  Save time.  Save space.
    • Differentiation.
    • Support auditory learning (link to audio file) and visual learning (link to images and video files).
    • Extend learning.
  • Ideas...
Sailing Down the Backchannel
  • This was EASILY the best presentation I attended all week - informative AND funny.  (Shocking, I know!)  Be sure to check out Chad Jones from LCISD...
  • Three sites to use for backchannel: Todays Meet, Google Moderator, Twitter
  • Why use a backchannel: engaging, starts conversations that should be happening, promotes collaboration and interaction
  • Tips for using a backchannel
    • Have a moderator.
    • Plan for interaction.
    • Don't be boring.  (LOVE this!)
    • Plan ahead.
    • Be consistent.
Student/Teacher PLNs (Personal Learning Networks)