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You may have noticed that I have been making some changes to EdTech Chic.  Perhaps you may have even noticed that I added some fancy schmancy new "Follow me" buttons in the right margin.  After attending TCEA last week, I've come to realize that I have not been doing everything I can to get EdTech Chic "out there."  AND, I am not taking advantage of everyone else who is already "out there."  So, I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little to build my PLN (personal learning network) and have decided to embrace Facebook and Twitter as tools that I can use as an educator.

Now, I've had a Facebook page for years and mainly use it to keep up with friends and family members - much like you probably do.  I didn't really ever consider using it for professional use, as I was too afraid my personal and professional may get mixed up.  (I don't think you guys really care what my kids did last week!)  But one session at TCEA demonstrated how to create a fan page for your business or in this case, your "online classroom" and the presenters reassured me that this page would be completely separate from my personal FB page.  So that night I went back to the hotel and created my EdTech Chic page!

As for Twitter...I never really embraced the whole "Twitter thing."  I didn't get it.  I didn't try.  I just signed up for an account and then never went back.  Another session last week suggested following 10 or so people in your field and just re-tweeting their tweets (yes, these are real terms!).  :)  So, that's what I did.  And you know what...those people have a lot of cool things to say.  AND people started following me back!  This encouraged me to keep re-tweeting and even composing my own tweets!  Pretty empowering!

The moral of this post... Don't doubt your voice.  Don't doubt that there is SOMEONE out there who would be interested in what you have to say.  Blog!  Tweet!  Post!  Follow!  Get your voice out there and start building your PLN!


  1. Started twitter a few months ago after listening to a speaker from a TAGT webinar! Glad you are joining in!
    Great stuff. Follow me at kmiecj


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