Use your iPad as a document camera!

Have you noticed I am on an iPad kick?!  :)  They're just-so-cool!  We saw at Tech-Sig the idea that you can use an iPad2 as a document camera.  So we started brainstorming ways we could make a stand to hold the iPad so you could slide your paper under it.  (My husband patiently listened to me rant one night about PVC and elbows and adjustable arms...)  My boss came across this cool thing called a "Snake Clamp."  Not too shabby.  But then I saw this:

PRETTY CLEVER!  I can't WAIT to try this out!  Check out what Carl Hooker of Eanes ISD has to say about the iPad.  He calls it the "Swiss-Army Knife of Education."  :)  The iPad just might be the tool to revolutionize how we teach!  Shout out to Steve Jobs!


  1. Great video!

    I'd like to suggest the use of the app "Board Cam - live exhibitions of small features" with this setting. With Board Cam you can use pointers, draw over the video image and stick labels. Also you can record videos.

    Please visit for more information.

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  3. Check out the new Cobra SnakeClamp! Works great for using your iPad as a document camera:


  5. KenAvision has released an iPad and Android AP for their line of document cameras and digital microscopes.

    This AP will share and annotate the images from their products among a classroom set of hand held devices.

    The AP is FREE, BUT, it only works with KenAVision products!


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