Meet me at Todays Meet!

Do you know what a backchannel is?  Wikipedia says this:

"Backchannel is the practice of using networked computers to maintain a real-time online conversation alongside live spoken remarks."

Todays Meet is a great (FREE!) tool that can CHANGE-YOUR-LIFE!  (Was that dramatic enough?!)  Have you ever been teaching a lesson and there are a million questions and you have so many hands up that the bell rings and you barely got past the instructions?!  Todays Meet can give your students a tool to voice these questions and either A) allow you to answer them at your leisure or B) let their peers answer their questions and VOILA - YOU HAVE COLLABORATION!

The best parts about Todays Meet: it's FREE, you don't have to sign-up, you don't need an account or an email address, and it's EASY to use!  Just go to, create a room, share the URL with your kids, and you're off!

Follow this link to my Todays Meet room and let me know how you think you can use this tool in your own classroom!


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