More iPhone Tips & Tricks

A few more iPhone tips and tricks...
  • Silence your phone immediately by tapping either of the volume buttons on the side of your phone.
  • Frustrated that your screen rotates every time you set your phone down on the table?  Lock the rotation by double tapping the Home button and slide all the way to the right.  You'll find the rotation lock button - tap this and lock the screen!
  • Just pressing the Home button no longer closes an app!  To really quit an app, double press the Home button and then hold the icon of the app you want to close. Tap the - symbol to quit the app.
  • You can save images in Safari by holding your finger on the image and tap Save Image.  You'll then see the image in your Photos app.
  • Need to type several capitals in a row, but hate pressing the Shift key every time?!  Just tap and hold the Shift key (up arrow) and slide your finger over to the letter you want and release.