If you've never used Edmodo - it's time to start!  Edmodo is a social learning network that is safe for schools and students.  It has a look similar to Facebook, so the kids absolutely LOVE it!  The best part...it's FREE and EASY to use!

The Edmodo site has a WEALTH of information that is well categorized and very thorough.  Here are some of my favorite pages on the Edmodo site.  These will help you get started...

Edmodo Teacher's Guide - VERY comprehensive
Edmodo Blog - AWESOME ideas here!
Edmodo in Action - see it in real life
Edmodo Webinar Series - did I mention they're FREE?!

Last year I used Edmodo for the first time with some third grade gifted students and we LOVED it!  This year, I am doing the same and can't wait to get started.  We use a lot of Google shared spreadsheets to complete assignments and Edmodo polls, as well. The links below from the Edmodo blog are what really got me thinking.  I printed out the posts and highlighted the ideas that I felt I could use.  (Don't forget to check out the reader comments, too!)

7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo
15 More Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo

Below are the documents that I use to gain parent permission, communicate my expectations, and get the students going.  These are a compilation of documents I have found on the web and some that our district has developed.