Technology Takes You Places!

The new school year is upon us and this year I have chosen the theme of "Technology Takes You Places!"  Many of our students will never physically get out of their city, state, or country.  But never can bring the most exotic places to THEM!

Each six weeks I will place a poll on my blog.  I need your help!  You tell me where you would like to go and  I will showcase that place here on my blog and also in the hallways at BES and BMS.  I will also share some sites that can help bring this place to you and your students, as well as technology TEKS that can you can incorporate into possible lessons in the classroom.

So...the question is...
Where do YOU want to go?!

(You can vote in the right margin at the top of the page.  Check back in a couple of week to see the results and get some classroom ideas!)