Why I Love #Chrome - My Top 10 Reasons

Oh, Google Chrome...how do I love thee?  Let me count my top 10 ways...
  1. There are very few sites that I have found that Chrome doesn't like.  No more "try Firefox" or "switch over to Safari" or "have you tried opening it in IE?"
  2. Apps, Apps, and more Apps.  Some of my favorites... Buffer, Goo.gl, Last Pass, Pinterest Pin It Button...just to name a few.
  3. Multiple users - it's just too easy to switch between my four Google accounts and the ability to associate a specific icon with my accounts made it so visual and simple!
  4. According to Jessica Powell (@itechjess), you can BLING your browser - gotta love those themes and personalization options!  :)
  5. I can retrieve my browsing history from any computer ANY TIME!  Don't have to strain my brain trying to remember what that cool site was that I happened upon at work.
  6. Shiny Buttons!  Don't you just love those pretty little app buttons?!  
  7. Chrome Remote Desktop - if you haven't used this - YOU SHOULD!  Stop paying for fancy, expensive remote desk-toping applications.  This is free and works great!
  8. Chrome is fast.  It's REAL fast.
  9. I {heart} the omnibox!  Remember when we used to have to search and go to a URL in two different places?  How silly!
  10. Automatic updates!  Chrome automatically updates in the background so you always have the latest version of the browser.
If you're not sold, send me an email.  I'll make you a believer!!!  :)