Web 2.0 Tools

Please let me know if any of these links are no longer active and I will remove them.  Thanks!

ABCYa! - K-5 educational computer activities
Animal Webcams - collection of live animal webcams
Animoto - create video slideshows
Appitic - 1,300+ educational apps

Beam Your Screen - your computer live via the web
BIE - everything about project based learning!
Big Huge Labs - make cool stuff with digital photos
BitStrips - create online comic strips
Blabberize - make your pictures talk
Blogger - create a free blog
Bomomo - very cool online drawing tool
Braingle - brain teasers, riddles, trivia, and more!
Bubble Comment - use video for web-based interaction
Build Your Wild Self - create your own animal

Cartoon Maker - create a 3-panel comic strip
ChaCha - ask a question, get an answer
Concert Ticket Maker - make your own concert ticket
Cool Math 4 Kids - "amusement park of math, games and more"
Crayola - awesome primary drawing app
Create A Graph - easily make graphs and charts
CuePrompter - online teleprompter

Dark Claw - 6 book online reading sage
Delicious - online bookmarking website
Dinky Page - "disposable" webpages
Doodle - schedule events for free and with no sign-up
Draw a Stickman - animate your own stick figure
Drawminos - build and draw with dominos 
Dropbox - online file storage (2GB free!)

Edmodo - social learning network for education
Embeditin - show ANY document on your website
Evernote - capture anything, remember everything

Facebook - social networking service
Facts 4 Me - online reference tool for students
Flabby Physics - just plain fun
Flame Painter - unique online drawing app
FlockDraw - collaborative online whiteboard
Fodey -create a "real-looking" newspaper story
For Free Photos - free photos to collect and use
Fraboom - online children's museum
Fun 4 the Brain - math games and more!

Get Net Wise - keeping children safe online
Give the Dog a Bone - number game using 100 chart
Gliffy - Flash-based online diagramming tool
Glogster - create online, interactive digital posters
GoAnimate - make your own animated videos
GoogleEarth - the world at your fingertips!
Google Treks - lesson builder using Google Maps


Invention Playhouse - play, explore, invent
iPiccy - online photo editing tool

Jalapenyo - create a video eCard from your webcam
JeopardyLabs - create your own jeopardy template
Jog the Web - share several sites in one place
Juxio - online, interactive posters (printable!)

KidBlog - let your students create blogs!

Learning Games for Kids - building foundation math and language skills
Lesson Stream - lesson materials using YouTube
Linoit - post online sticky notes
Little Bird Tales - create online, multimedia stories

Magnetic Poetry - virtual refrigerator with poetry tiles!
Math Madness - math basketball game
Maths Duck - online math games
MeeGenius - free online, animated story books
MindMeister - collaborative online mind mapping
Minigroup -  instant private groups
Museum Box - build a virtual box to describe anything
My Avatar Editor - create and edit avatar characters
My Oats - create designs using online drawing app

National Geographic Atlas Puzzles - time yourself, challenge your friends
Neo K-12 - educational videos, lessons and games
NetSmartz - parenting "wired" kids
News Literacy Project - news for middle/high school


PBS Digital Parenting - "Protecting & Empowering Kids"
Photovisi - create photo collages online
PicLits - inspired picture writing
Poisson Rouge - excellent site for primary kids
Poll Everywhere - real-time polling application
Prezi - "the zooming presentation editor"
Project Share - Texas online learning community

Quizlet - create online flashcards
Qwiki - visual and auditory search engine

ReadKiddoRead - making kids readers for life
Read, Write, Think - interactive literacy tools & games

San Diego Zoo Kids - animals, games, and activities
Save the Words - VERY creative word of the day site
SchoolTube - students/teachers share videos online
Science Net Links - science lessons & tools for K-12
Science Toy Maker - homemade science projects
Scoop.it - create an online magazine
Scrumy - online to-do list
Sixty Second Recap - literary video summaries
Sketchcast - record a sketch with your voice
Skype - connect with classes around the world
Slideboom - share your power point presentation online
SmartBean - smart parenting for smarter kids
Snappy Words - online visual dictionary
Solid Edge Garage - problem solving game
SoundCloud - record and playback an online sound
Storybird - collaborative online storytelling
StudyJams - interactive animations for math & science
StudyStack - create online flashcards
Spark Notes -  study guides on various subjects
Spelling City - teach, play, learn and test spelling words
Spirograph Math - spirograph generator
Storyline Online - SAG members reading kid's books
SumoPaint - free online paint and image editing tool
SuperLame - make a comic/add captions to photos
Sweet Search -a search engine for students
Switcheroo Zoo - play games & make new animals

Tagxedo - turn your words into shaped word clouds
Talking Pets - personalize your pet
TeachHUB - news & resources for teachers
TeacherTube - educational videos for K-12 students
TerraClues - Google maps scavenger hunts
The Surfing Scientist -science shows for kids
Thinglink - make your images interactive
Thinkfinity  - searchable student interactives
This is Sand - changes pixels on screen to digital sand
Timetoast - interactive timelines to share on the web
TitanPad - work on one document simultaneously
Todays Meet - FREE & EASY backchannel
Turn It In - check student work for originality
Twitter - real time information network


Virsona - chat with historical/fictional characters
VocabAhead - vocabulary building videos
Vocabulary Pinball - play the game to learn new words
Voki - create personalized speaking avatars

Wallwisher - online notice board maker
Watch to Know - online video website for teachers
Within These Walls - house detective activity
Wonderopolis - videos explaining wonders of the world
Word Games - 10 awesome word games
Wordle - generate word clouds from text you provide

Xtranormal - make animated movies

Youngzine - awesome online magazine for students

ZapReader - web based speed reading program